Thursday, July 25, 2013


I had a 'sleepover party' at Prisong's place last weekend after my birthday bash. Thou we may seems to be a very frequent visitor to each other's house, but it just somehow happened twice in this month. We spent three quarter of the night talking and laughing all the way. It was a trip down memory lane. All the memories we shared started resurfacing and my thoughts retread old path. Realizing how much things have changed. But what it still remains is my bunch of lovely friends whom I'm really grateful for. I hope this good connection amongst us can last as long as possible. I still want to attend my friend's wedding and ofc invite them to mine(if one day) so that I can receive that big fat angpau from them(esp Linghes's). Remember, my 20+20= 40k!

Back to this series of pictures taken the following day, the photoshoot was held on a whim hence our not so decent outfit. This time around we had another backdrop for the shoot which is around our friend's neighborhood. Despite I look nonchalant in the pictures(I'm unabashed to say), but in fact it was sweltering hot and sweat-inducing(which is my country's weather trademark). Even with the minimal clothing thrown on me, my perspiration level still requires a generous tissue donation. This definitely explains why I love to wear shorts all year round as its full time summer here in Malaysia. 

oh and maybe you can ignore my post meal belly bulge


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


surprise gift from my lovely Prisong.

I am glad to announce that I'm officially seventeen! 
Crossing over to seventeen has been quite an event this year. I had a birthday dinner with my girls last Saturday night! & before our dinner we had a warm up session (by this I meant singing and dancing to the point that most of our energy stored are being used up). Then we had our dinner in a rather simple yet cozy restaurant that serves an array of food from main course to snacks to dessert. 

Good ambiance + right people + delicious food = Perfect dinner. 

This is always what I want for my birthday, simple and sweet! Needless to mention it was also an ear to ear grin the entire night which I really enjoyed myself. It would just be perfect if I didn't had any food restriction due to my skin allergies. 

And again, Happy 17th to myself!
Thanks for all the wishes and presents I've received so far! I'm also lucky to be serenaded by this beautiful birthday song from my fellow classmates as this is my last birthday spent in high school. Taking the chance that today is my actual birthday, I'm going to skive off before the hectic school schedules and exam hit(to be more precise I'm a full time lazy bum)

Anyway, I'm going to have another round of celebration with my friends tmr! **feeling excited**

Jo// x

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Here's the arrival of class picture we shot yesterday for the yearbook of 2013. The pictures turned out to be quite good! Have a quick look!!

I know these photos are going to meant a million to me, especially the days after I graduate as a high schooler! As I've always said, pictures are the best gadget to keep memories fresh. Can't believe that I've been studying in this school for FIVE years and I'll be leaving in another four months. It was just like yesterday I'd just stepping into this school. The moments are still captured vividly in my mind. but now time has brought us here!

Reminiscing those days where I first met my friends, making an effort to establish a good connection with them, getting closer, gradually showing the another side of inner self(can't be any more crazy than we look), hanging out together, made through our Form3 national exams, scout camps and etc. There are so much stories and happenings in this school to share about.. If I have to list them, it's gonna me kilometres long..

Last but not least, I realize that my high school life isn't that bad after all. At least, this bunch of bossom friends are gracefully bestowed upon me. Having a right company in the school is as important as choosing your husband/wife. hey but wait, I'm not that lucky because I'm one of the victims of school bullying T__T haha just saying** 

Alright, I'm going to doze off for a good sleep now. Heading out later with my girls for my birthday dinner.

Jo// x

My fav shot. not sure if this is going to be in our year book

Why am I looking at Yan & Voonwei. >_>

Yan got blocked but Pris is even worse, too short to be seen hehe
The cray cray classmates

pictures credit to Photography Crew of KD10

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's a blessing in disguise in that I haven't been so blindly addicted to my computer as I usually do. But I also figure out it doesn't help to motivate me in other way either as I'm gradually morphing into an unproductive sloth. Besides, this week hasn't really did me justice. I'm sorta virtually experiencing the down part in my life which I get to know I'm not that optimistic after all. In this case I also want to thank my friends for their concern and being so supportive. It's not really that big issue but I'm totally on the dark side, sigh 

okay I have to digress with that topic(or else I'll be a crying baby). Just as the title said, DREAM BIG. One of my biggest dream is to conquer the world with my best girls leaving our footprints on our travel destinations. The countries written in the picture above is definitely on our travel list! These are the MUST-GO-PLACES in my entire life, especially NYC. by writing this I realized we missed out Yan's die-also-must-go-country, Norway! *finger-crossed* One day we'll let this happen //


Friday, July 12, 2013

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Received a comment from an anonymous reader stating that he/she wished to take a closer view of my personal life here on my blog. It was quite shocking at first but in a way I realize that my blog hasn't turn out the way it used to be. The initial motive of creating this blog is to capture parts of the happenings and memories of  my life. And this is why I'm still running this blog!

 It is just the matter of different topics and sharing. I remembered how I used to type a few sentences and that makes a post, how I upload pictures without editing them, how I used to lodge a complaint like nobody's business without thinking the risk of revealing too much of personal stuff on net. I wish I could write more about my life but sometimes I think its a little bit creepy to expose too much without limits. And one of the problem is that my daily routine are repeating the same over and over again especially during schooling days. Like I've said, Life hasn't been all that wondrous and blood tingling. I don't have something special "about my life" to share about

That also explains why I've been sharing most of pictures I shoot recently! I'm unabashed to admit that I'm more into photography field now. Still a beginner and way too much to learn from. 

Of course I'm grateful for my reader's point of view which in a case I can know what people want to read on this blog! I'll make an effort to share more of my adventures such as the ups and downs I've been dealing with. No matter what, I'll try my best to keep this blog with me through thick and thin. & I think that is why Blogger is created because its definitely one of the best avenue to channel one's feelings, thoughts and ramblings. 

Perhaps this wordy post would suffice you, my anon reader! x


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 pictures by me

I simply love weekends because they're invented to pursue leisurely activities. Last Sunday was rather a productive day with my family. 
While in the evening I had a ball of time with my aunt discovering the plants in our little garden. 
I didn't realized all this while that there are various types of flowers being planted until I try my hand to take some photos! 
There are so much to learn about these plants and I think it takes up to years but being surrounded by the opulent greens definitely lighten up my mood! I literally danced like a little princess and twirled around the garden. It was truly a perfect dalliance with nature. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


hashtag my one and only brown flats.
pictures by Me.

Whether you realize or not, we're stepping into a brand new month! welcoming my favourite month of the year, July!! 
Can't believe that I'm crossing over to seventeen soon in another 21 days. Speaking of my birthday, my lovely girls just happened to ask me about my wishlist for this year! 
It's actually quite a good idea cause they can buy something I need which in a case I can appreciate the present rather than abandon it at the corner for the rest of the life.

Life hasn't been all that wondrous and blood tingling but hopefully July will be quite an event for all of us! 


Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello guys! I'm glad to convey this good news to everyone that my twinnie, Prisong and I are finally running a blog together, namely Two Jy Three

Much surprise huh? The idea of creating this blog actually popped out last Friday night when she had a sleepover at my place. We spent most of our night reading some of the amazing blogs and then we're both inspired to set up a proper blog.

It was fun and exciting to be able to collaborate with my best friend and it's totally a whole new experience. I think we work perfectly in a pair. I'm also proud to say that we discussed and did every single thing by ourselves even the smallest details. I really hope our readers appreciate the effort we put in.

I would say this blog is going to be different from the usual way we present our blog in terms of photography, designs, topics and etc. Fret not, I will be still running this blog to share more of my personal ramblings and daily finds.

We always welcome you to drop a visit at our blog anytime, any day. If you're keen to leave us a comment or suggestion, it would made our day!

To know more about us, visit
Two Jy Three

 pronounce as : two jay three

new blog post will be updated at 5 p.m. today.

 See you three!

Note : Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow which means the blogs you follow on blogger will no longer exist in your blog list. Here's a rescue to your problem, import all your blog reads from Google Reader to Bloglovin'. Follow me and Two Jy Three to stay connect with me.