Tuesday, July 23, 2013


surprise gift from my lovely Prisong.

I am glad to announce that I'm officially seventeen! 
Crossing over to seventeen has been quite an event this year. I had a birthday dinner with my girls last Saturday night! & before our dinner we had a warm up session (by this I meant singing and dancing to the point that most of our energy stored are being used up). Then we had our dinner in a rather simple yet cozy restaurant that serves an array of food from main course to snacks to dessert. 

Good ambiance + right people + delicious food = Perfect dinner. 

This is always what I want for my birthday, simple and sweet! Needless to mention it was also an ear to ear grin the entire night which I really enjoyed myself. It would just be perfect if I didn't had any food restriction due to my skin allergies. 

And again, Happy 17th to myself!
Thanks for all the wishes and presents I've received so far! I'm also lucky to be serenaded by this beautiful birthday song from my fellow classmates as this is my last birthday spent in high school. Taking the chance that today is my actual birthday, I'm going to skive off before the hectic school schedules and exam hit(to be more precise I'm a full time lazy bum)

Anyway, I'm going to have another round of celebration with my friends tmr! **feeling excited**

Jo// x

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