Thursday, May 15, 2014

first in 2014

Holla guys! I'm finally back for good after missing in action for FIVE MONTHS! Note that - 5 months, my longest record ever. & now I don't even know how I shd begin with. 

  A lot of things happened in these 5 months and I would say that it was one of the best time in my life. Glad that I've met so many amazing and lovely people along the way. I'd never regretted joining and took the pleasure to be a part of Rekindle since last December. I've gained more than I thought I could through this working experience and it definitely changed a lot of stuff from different of aspects. Not to forget this is the place where our friendships grew and bond tightened. I swear my colleagues/friends/bros&sis are cooler than yours :p 

On certain Saturday nights, I'd spent some quality time with my girls just to catch up with each others' recent life despite the fact that most of my time was given to work. I have always loved and still enjoy road trip with my girls esp at night. Missing those days of our impromptu outings and food hunting in town. And its sad to say that we're now all apart(except V and I, we still see each other errday) but we'll catch up soon I SWEAR.

Y and I even had 4D3N trip to Singapore. If you're curious to know, it was just only the TWO of us. Its seriously fun to explore a whole new place to yourselves (though it wasn't my first visit but the last visit was approx 5 yrs ago)  How I wish we can do this more often in the future but first #letmeearnmorepennies

Time flies and I got back to studies last month after a long hiatus! It was great to be back to school and college life is so much more different and exciting than high school. well not that exciting I supposed. I'm currently doing Cambridge A levels which I guess its more "tough" compared to the other courses. But the right gang of friends def makes your study life a lot better. So far everythings still in control. 

Finally a night like this which I can sit back and blog about my recent on-goings / throwbacks. Hopefully I'll keep this space alive *peace out*

I wish that moment of wonderful time to be on hold | definitely a day to remember 

Saturday, December 7, 2013


1. Hello December // 2. Fettuccine served w mushrooms // 3. Nama chocolate cake // 4. Daisy // 5. Sandwiches 

photos by me

It feels weird to be a graduated highschooler --- not exactly weird but a mixture of glum and glee. No matter how much I used to rant about school, I still miss this familiar place that I've known so well, like the back of my hand. What makes me feel sad the most is not being able to meet my friends everyday anymore! Those days where we were gossiping tgt, talking about our future, resting our eyes during lessons(basically voon, pris and I), having breakfast in canteen, ICE-CREAM and more. Speaking of these, the wave of nostalgia just hit me real hard. It sounds like for a period of time already, but to be precise its only a week or so. At least my girls and I are still in touch everyday on WA. On a brighter note, I'm officially free from being thrown into the warzone of my studyroom. 

Just a day after our Biology paper, we went for a movie date! It's not exactly my last day of exam since I still have Chinese going on but it was nevertheless a day filled w endless joy and fun. It's been quite a while since we went out. I simply love outings like this. Eat > Movie > Eat. Can you imagine that five of us, young teens for only 17 forgot where we parked our car? LOL. We took quite some time to search for our spot and luckily we found it. Lesson learnt : Rmb where you park your car or you might just take a picture of it incase incident like this happen again.

I finally had my last paper Chinese on the 3rd. Its such a shame that I can speak Mandarin so fluently but when it comes to writings, I sucks big time. I'm never good in essays even since primary school. I had a hard time squeezing my brain to think of the particular Chinese characters during the process of getting my essay done. I ended up w a very simple essay w/o much bombastic words to support it. Whatever it is, things had already happened and I just pray for the best. 

Life after spm is so far so good. Trying my best to keep my days productive before I start working. Voon has already started her job whereas Yee and Pris are going for their driving lessons. Hopefully we get to meet up before Pris goes to Japan.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello guys! I'm finally back to rejuvenate this long-abandoned blog of mine, at least I didn't forget about its existence. How do I even begin this post?(consequences of not writing for so long).

The girls were complaining that I haven't been updating this space for ages but hey now the opportunity comes! At least now I have some worthy photos to share with you guys. Part of the reasons why I love blogging is that I can document my photos here, not saying that my photos are great but at least I do what I enjoy doing. That doesn't harms I guess?

Let's just get back to the main topic.The girls and I went out this afternoon to celebrate the little Y's birthday. It's an early birthday celebration for her because her actual birth date coincidentally falls on the first day of our major exam. I guess nobody will have time for that as everyone would be probably burying their heads into the sea of books for exam. We opted for korean cuisine at SeoulScape Bistro this time since most of the time we were having western for birthday lunches/dinners.

I wasn't too sold on their food but its cozy ambiance is definitely a good choice for a little gathering with friends. Not to forget that their service is impeccable and the yakso(its a combination of Yakult and Soju) is what I'll be back for. Ahhh the taste of it still lingers up to this moment.

It's basically another simple birthday lunch and I hope everyone was happy. This is probably the last outing till SPM is over! And I finally sent the graduation letters out to loly! Since we're not "graduating" officially, so I wrote them these letters. well just leave that alone, we'll have our own "graduation program" after SPM. Freedom is to earn for!

Ern. xx

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I felt a wave of nostalgia looking upon these little wonderful things! Memories for the past few years flashed through my mind.. Thanks God I have this diary with me which I jotted down the essence and the smallest details of my high school life. It's so sweet at the same time a little funny to read my self-written diary. I don't remember exactly how did I manage to write some of the nonsense(no I don't call them nonsense, I treasure em' now) everyday.. But I sorta regret now because I stopped writing when I turn 16 (result of hectic school life) 

Guess I'll continue to write for the remaining days of my high school life because high school memories are way too precious. Another two months till I bid farewell to things that are related to high school. I will definitely miss every single thing though I always whine about school and how much I wanted to graduate asap.. But now things are on the contrary.. what we call the irony of life. 

It's such a shame that we are not going to attend the graduation day but I think that's forgivable since we're going to throw a graduation party(hopefully we can make it). Or even the worst case must have a small party for LOLY. LOLY definitely play a big role in my high school life and now being the integral part of my life, how can I graduate without them? not forgetting Lcd and Linghes. 

I've been constantly reminding myself to appreciate the remaining days because after this I can't see them everyday like now, we can't gossip together, share stupid lame jokes during teachers' lessons, no more abs-strengthening hysterical laughter in class, no more chasing after teachers for exam results without fail every time, no more ice cream together during school recess, and the most important one, cannot see VoonW who is always the clown to entertain us, lolllll. Our moments together..  

I'm trying my best to sound not too cheesy but these are my true feelings..  
okay let's just skip this and leave alone some for my upcoming graduation post if I manage to spare my time. 

Here I have part of the birthday cards I've been collecting since 2010

Hi my best best best x infinity best friend, thank you for giving me the pleasure to become the first one to receive yr very own diy card
my best present for my sweet sixteenth from my best friend that comes along with the best surprise so far which is actually my first birthday surprise in my whole 17 years of living
The girl who put in effort and tried her best to write the Chinese characters though she haven't write such a long passage all in mandarin before. Really 诚意满满 
Birthday card with the most sincere wishes and blessings. Always love reading the content
First time receiving a DIY birthday card from a guy! 有点意思 哈哈
Loly first neoprint together on Yan's 16th birthday bash
Ah Loh 送的 小学 毕业卡。好有 纪念 价值 T.T 
Carmen's 12th birthday back in 2008. omgggg 5 years back then. how time flies

Now I have this indescribable feeling.. I simply can't put them into apt words 

Friday, August 30, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates! It's the result of preparation for exams and overuse of the brain, on top of not having enough hours in a day. Everyone is preparing for the storm ahead, I assume? well, luck is not with me. I just got sick few days ago and I'm now on my way of recovering. I was in a solitary confinement in my room for the past few days just to focus on my studies but I got distracted from time to time. This is always my first world problem when it comes to studying. -__- I need to discipline myself! 

I just received a question on ytd regarding my ways to deal with stress. As for me I think exercising and having a decent amount of sleep really help to combat stress. I also deal it by realizing that everyone else was in the same position working for the best, and in the end, your absolute best is always good enough, no one could ask for more. But sometimes I still do get upset when my hard work wasn't paid off, how frustrating? 

Just yesterday I sat for my first paper, Chinese. More to come in the following weeks. Just two weeks, I shall survive. And I swear there are too many papers, I promise to plant more trees after exam. 

oh and my country, Happy Merdeka Day in advance!

TGIF, I shall resume my self-induced textbook coma tmr.