Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello people! Apologies for the blog block. 
My country has been cursed with this apocalyptic weather last week and the city was terribly engulfed by the haze. 
The air quality index has reached a very hazardous stage where everyone just want to stay indoor and school was closed. Besides, I've been engaged to school assignments! As usual, rushing my work at the eleventh hour is never a good idea. Fortunately the deadline was extended and hooray I managed to get it done. 

I think this pretty much satisfy your curiosity of why I've been M.I.A 

Anyway, I just want to share that something's new coming up soon! Stay tune for more details.

pictures by : Prisong.
edited by : Jo 


Monday, June 10, 2013

paris getaway

I think I've been working quite hard on my blog of late! but I'm not guaranteed to be as hardworking as this anymore after this week. I can somewhat foresee my upcoming schooling days to be very hectic and eventually ousted me from blogging. With exam's looming(though its few months away but time flies anyway), I've to reorder my priorities. I'm obliged to prepare for the impending storm ahead, before it hits.

Speaking of my studies, my mid-term results sloped down the trail as predicted. I have no choice but to work harder. 
A getaway to the city, Paris on the weekends would be the best remedy to cure my glumness for now.


Sunday, June 9, 2013


Graphic tee from oneteaspoon // denim shorts from aeropostale // White watch from Solvil et Titus // Elizabeth Arden shades // flats from charles & keith

Finally here's the arrival of my first outdoor photoshoot with my friends! It was a fun yet exciting experience indeed. Though I was so awkward during the shoot but the outcome wasn't too bad. A big thank you to my fellow buddy Priskyblue for the help to get these pictures. Can't wait for more collaboration in the future. 

Here's another combo of pictures taken at home with the help of self-timer. 

self obsession level : 96748549 

Anyway school reopens tmr and I'm experiencing the dreaded holiday-end blues which are not easily cured. How I wish for more holidays! My mid-term results is going to embitter my life, I bet. I have a strong premonition that it wouldn't meet my requirements but whatever it is, hopefully its not too bad to the extend I will turn out to be a one year old baby crying for mommy.

Hit the sack earlier and be ready for school!
Thanks for reading.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


Had a fruitful day well spent with my school buddies yesterday. It's been almost half a year since the four of us reunite. Glad that this catch up session didn't go bust. We first chilled out at this new discover coffee shop named Whisk Outpost in One Utama, Old Wing. I knew this shop from Maryanne, thanks for the recommendation. The cakes were oh-so-yummy whilst the tea was kinda disappointing! 

Enough of tea time and we decided to have a photoshoot around the mall. Here's some of the photos taken by me. I'll do another post regarding my outfit photos since there are quite a few of them! We're all quite awkward with our posture as it was our first time trying but I guess the outcome was pretty satisfying.
Don't you just love her purple top?! 
Priskyblue. My blogger friend.

I just look AWKWARD.
ChungJ x VoonW
sorry CJ if we took some of your time during the shoot. I sorta feel bad

After that, we went for steamboat! That's actually our main purpose of this outing. I normally don't eat steamboat outside since I always thought home made steamboat are way better! The ironic is that steamboat with friends is on one of my things-to-do-with-friends-list. So we just give it a go! Everything was good, I think. 


The trio trying to place the chopsticks on their upper lip!

Ice cream!!!!! my favourite dessert

Bid farewell to my ideal body cuz here's another pile of calories and fat contributed to my body! Should stop eating too much or else I'll never achieve my fitness target. It was nevertheless a day filled with fun and unrestrained laughter. Till we meet again.

Stay glued on my blog for my upcoming outfit post!


Friday, June 7, 2013


 Just got back from a meet up session with my school buddies. Will blog about it soon(by soon I mean right after I finish this post). Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post! My schedule has been quite hectic (and I love productive days) but worry not, I'll try my very best to keep this space as alive as possible. 

Thanks God It's Friday! 

Happy Flyday everybody 


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Fixed my cravings for mamak food this morning! Roti canai and maggie goreng... Feeling good to catch up with our long lost friend ChungJie who just came back from Taiwan. We'll hang out tmr again so stay tuned for more upcoming posts!

It's been quite long since I've written a picture post so here's another one. Nothing much but just some photos taken whilst doing my AddMaths project work. I simply find school assignments abominable these which is mandatory for all students to get it done. Alright, it's time for TV with my momma.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's night time now and I'm goin' to blog about my breakfast! Simply an arbitrary post to entertain you and your stomach(hehe). Speaking of breakfast, most of the time I prefer clean eats or something light. There are also times where I have big appetite, then I'll grab myself something heavy like Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai to fulfill my insatiable hunger. 

This is my kind of breakfast! Simple to make yet delicious. Not to mention that it can keeps you hale and hearty. If you wonder what it is, it's peanut butter spread on toast topped with sliced banana(oh I love bananas), dried raisins and sunflower seeds. For me they just make the perfect combination together. It just feels great to have this type of breakfast to kick start a beautiful day! 

What's your kind of breakfast? :)


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


With my favourite girls VoonW and Pris. It would be perfect if Yan is back. I'm actually chatting with her now. Miss her annoying yet irresistibly cute voice
switched on the wrong mode ops

promoting my lousy ass phone hehe
Miss taking photo with this girl. Glad that she'z back to go cray cray with me
This picture has an inside joke. The two girls were actually searching for me in the pic after this shot was taken and were curious why am I missing. the real truth is I was doing my business behind with the mirror

Another inside joke. Just focus on our eyes(those haggard and saggy eyes) If you ever noticed we actually share the same face expression lol
Let's get quirky
With my boo.

Went to VoonW's place today to do some discussion about our course work for Additional Mathematics. I still don't get why we Form 5 students are assign to get this project done. It's pretty much a waste of time in my opinion, at least. Nevertheless, I want to thank the Ministry of Education for giving me a chance to reunite with these peachy people for completing the project. well it looks like we've been spending time taking pictures more than doing our work.. that's what happens all the time.