Tuesday, June 4, 2013


With my favourite girls VoonW and Pris. It would be perfect if Yan is back. I'm actually chatting with her now. Miss her annoying yet irresistibly cute voice
switched on the wrong mode ops

promoting my lousy ass phone hehe
Miss taking photo with this girl. Glad that she'z back to go cray cray with me
This picture has an inside joke. The two girls were actually searching for me in the pic after this shot was taken and were curious why am I missing. the real truth is I was doing my business behind with the mirror

Another inside joke. Just focus on our eyes(those haggard and saggy eyes) If you ever noticed we actually share the same face expression lol
Let's get quirky
With my boo.

Went to VoonW's place today to do some discussion about our course work for Additional Mathematics. I still don't get why we Form 5 students are assign to get this project done. It's pretty much a waste of time in my opinion, at least. Nevertheless, I want to thank the Ministry of Education for giving me a chance to reunite with these peachy people for completing the project. well it looks like we've been spending time taking pictures more than doing our work.. that's what happens all the time.