Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello guys! I'm finally back to rejuvenate this long-abandoned blog of mine, at least I didn't forget about its existence. How do I even begin this post?(consequences of not writing for so long).

The girls were complaining that I haven't been updating this space for ages but hey now the opportunity comes! At least now I have some worthy photos to share with you guys. Part of the reasons why I love blogging is that I can document my photos here, not saying that my photos are great but at least I do what I enjoy doing. That doesn't harms I guess?

Let's just get back to the main topic.The girls and I went out this afternoon to celebrate the little Y's birthday. It's an early birthday celebration for her because her actual birth date coincidentally falls on the first day of our major exam. I guess nobody will have time for that as everyone would be probably burying their heads into the sea of books for exam. We opted for korean cuisine at SeoulScape Bistro this time since most of the time we were having western for birthday lunches/dinners.

I wasn't too sold on their food but its cozy ambiance is definitely a good choice for a little gathering with friends. Not to forget that their service is impeccable and the yakso(its a combination of Yakult and Soju) is what I'll be back for. Ahhh the taste of it still lingers up to this moment.

It's basically another simple birthday lunch and I hope everyone was happy. This is probably the last outing till SPM is over! And I finally sent the graduation letters out to loly! Since we're not "graduating" officially, so I wrote them these letters. well just leave that alone, we'll have our own "graduation program" after SPM. Freedom is to earn for!

Ern. xx