Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Someone's Precious.

Time is speeding! I can't even believe it's already November. November is one of my favourite month too.

Youngest Y turning sixteen! 

Happy Birthday my dear yanyan . ok well I'd actually tried to make myself to address you Yanyan since its a really cute name but I just couldn't change the way I called you Yee. anyway Yee is still Yanyan who is still my best girl ;)

Basically it's like a tradition, I will make a special birthday post dedicated to you every year. So am glad that I do it this year as well.

Picture of you taken by me in 2010.
omgg its already 2 years. 

Actually I'm kinda out of words. I don't know what to write the best for now. But like usual I will wish you to stay happy and hyper! Be smart and wise. Take good care of your family and not to forget me too! Although I'm a FEW MONTHS OLDER than you, but still you take good care of me all the time. #failtobeyoureldersis.

I always wanted you to know that you're really a good friend of mine. I would actually said that you're more than a friend, you're a sister to me. I hereby to seize on the golden opportunity to express my appreciate and gratitude for your invaluable guidance and help all this while. You've been helping me a lot. You never hesitate to lend me a hand which I got really touched T_T

You always guide me in my studies and offered to fetch me to school during the week when my dad was sick. You comforted me so well when I faced some problems. AND YOU WERE ALSO VERY GENEROUS TO LET ME COPY YOUR HOMEWORK. hahaha. really thanks a lot for all your done.

I wonder where to find such a kind-hearted girl. This is probably one of the best gift from God to me. May you receive the good merits from all your good deeds. May God bless you and lead you to a better way of life.

Love you deep deep as always ^.<   #confessionofabestfriend.


Each of these pictures speak a thousand words and I dont think I need a caption for all of 'em

My birthday celebration in LoudSpeaker after school. #2011
I think prolly everyone in this pic want to slaughter me if they see this. HAHA 
Even myself needs some courage to post this =__=

Had blessing session in school three days before PMR. 

Went out on the 7th to celebrate your birthday in 2011.
WTF CJ looked like a girl. sorry CJ ;p

A significant day to be remembered.
The day with tears and joy.

Celebrated at Loudspeaker for our straight A's. 


Our very first bai nian trip to CYY's house.
The day with loads of fun.

Round 3 at my place. 
This is the pic which you really looked like a ghost. lol you said that yourself.

Kuala Gandah one day trip.

what's this?
Prolly a bunch a siao lang posing in the jungle.

Here's a proper one! 

Celebrated Teachers' Day in school.
with the principles.

Japanese Student Exchange Programme.
Another day with tons of joy.

31st of Oct.
The best party ever with 96line!

All the unforgettable memories! There are supposed to be more but I guess we should take more pics together next time, hehe. Really cherish the every moment with you and of cuz with the bunch. 

random pics. 

HAHAHAHAHA. okay so here's the true story. WOA BO LUI. so no food no jewelry no clothes no presents no shoes but there's something I can afford which is FREE HUGS. 

We're going out tmr so no worries! I will give you the warmest hug ever :D 

Once again,
Happy turning 16teen. 
Will always love you through thick and thin .

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