Monday, June 3, 2013


How's your holiday so far going on? I'm happy to say mine was rather productive and well spent with le friends and family. In dire need to confess that I've been eating a lot this summer break hence the donation of another few calories in my body, needless to mention the baby bump on my tummy. Fortunately Adelene was back to drag me out for some serious running session. Oh god I nearly fainted after RUNNING for one lap around the park, so miserable but sports is ain't no my thing. 

One week of holidays just passed like that. and did you even realize that June is knocking at our door? I'm still getting over the fact that the year went straight from January to June. Speed of time is indeed scary. In the end of this year I'll end my life as a highschooler and that remarks a new stage of life awaiting me.

Talking about the remaining days, hopefully I get to make use of it to the fullest. From what I heard, mom told me that her brother and his family is paying us a visit and stay over our place for a couple of days. well I don't mind having family bonding time because it's invaluable. Not to forget steamboat plan with my gang. Hopefully the plan doesn't go bust! *finger-crossed* oh and some assignment discussion with my girls tmr. Gonna get my mom's consent first. heh I'm relatively a good girl huh?


The weather here in Malaysia is so sweating-inducing and that explains the substantial amount of sweat loss. oh why do I live in somewhere across the world that do not experience four seasons? :(

Song of the day : SONG OF SPRING by Nigel Tay