Friday, May 31, 2013


If you're a close friend or an avid reader of mine, you'd probably know that I have this huge crazy obsession over gastronomic delights! I was so lucky that VoonW brought me out to hunt down some good eats at Publika, Solaris Dutamas just yesterday afternoon.
 yay I just love food hunting and discovering new places!

We came all the way here just to try out The Red BeanBag cuz we've been reading a lot of good reviews so we decided to give it a try!

=Red Beanbag is a beautifully furnished, cozy restaurant that’s aptly named after the bean bags that hand on the walls, filled to the brim and labelled accordingly with words like “play”, “freedom”, “passion”, and “wit”. Definitely a very inspiring restaurant to dine at. There are nice booth couch seats by the windows as well as regular dining tables.= taken from google

These are the bean bags imprinted with words hanging on the wall as decorations.
 The food menu was surprisingly quite limited. There is actually two sides as shown in the pictures above, Light and Dark. Since we're here for lunch, we picked some from the dark side. In fact, we're actually blank when it comes to food ordering. In the end we just ordered anything that sounds promising and good!

We knew we're going for coffee after lunch so plain water will do.

This is just irresistable. The taste of it still linger up till this moment!!
This one is good too, with eggs cracked into a bowl of lamb, chicken, beef bratswurst , potatoes topped with mozzarella cheese baked to perfection. Served with crunchy toast
This is one of the signature dish but I guess it is not for us. But one thing you ought to know is that their pastas are made from scratch. 

Overall the food was scrumptious! and I think we ordered a bit too much but glad that we gobbled up almost everything except for the pasta. You had no idea how full I was yesterday. so here's a lil story abt my meals consuming ytd, I had Nasi Lemak with sambal chicken in the morning as breakfast and then abt 2 hrs later, I had this brunch with momma since she already cooked some food. I guess I better eat with her cuz no one else will be eating and there'll be many leftovers. and then you're right about an hour later, tadaaa eating again with VoonW at RBB. 

What's more insane is we had coffee after lunch! We're searching high and low for this particular shop named Coffee Stain by Joseph and thanks God we found it. It is just located a few foot away from Coffee Societe. My next visit will be Coffee Societte, hopefully.

 Look at the map, how creative?
 Coffee of the day : Cappucino. 

 Mocha x Cappucino

I'm not very sure about the taste, but for me it taste OK since I'm not very finicky when it comes to coffee
w/ my best girl VoonW, the one who make most appearance in my blog haha if you ever realize.

Can't wait to explore more good eats in the future! It's a good experience indeed. 

*not sure why but there's a lot of lorries, trucks and heavy vehicles along the high way which kinda pissed us off for blocking our way haha. AND I'm so smart to stumble onto this pipe hose thingy when we're walking and there it goes, popped a big bump of blue black on my left leg!! urghhh 

anyway, HAPPY FRIDAY!!