Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a movie date with my favourite girls VoonW and Hoyan yesterday. And again thanks to the lovely girls for picking me up from my place and here we go to Paradigm Mall! I guess it is the nearest mall from our residential area as the journey only took us for 18 minutes (according to the GPS)

The mall was relatively quiet when we arrived. That's a good thing cuz less hassle to find a strategic lot to park. Besides, it's a good chance to wander around the mall without being drenched in the crowd.

After we got our tix, we headed to Plan B for breakfast. Plan B would placed among my favourites if I would like to recommend a decent and casual place to dine in, price at plausible range, definitely worth the pennies considering the mouth-watering food and cozy environment provided.

Complimentary sky juice provided.
 Hoyan's mushroom soup. She said it was nice! 
 VoonW and I both had the signature dish in PlanB. Eggs Benedicts. It was undoubtedly delectable. To our surprise, the portion fits our stomach perfectly. Initially I thought it would be quite small.
 My flat white that comes along with a nut cracker. 
 VoonW's mocha on the right.
 Hoyan's Iced Tea

I am proud to say that I managed to wolf down everything by my own but not the two girls. Y'know FOOD WASTAGE. Why not you think about the kids in the Africa and you'll feel guilt-ridden. Haha alright just kidding.Gotta admit that we're all so bloated after the meal.

Then it's time for the long waited and highly anticipated movie - FAST & FURIOUS 6!
Goddamn this is one of the best movies I've ever watched. This is beyond awesome! YOU MUST CATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVEN'T . I think VoonW sorta went crazy after Vin Diesel (Toretto, male lead in the movie)  Mehhh I like Tom Cruise better .

What's more after a movie? Lunch la! and again everytime I hang out with my friends, this problem repeated over and over again. We had a hard time to choose for lunch. It took us so long, we basically walked around the entire building already and can't decided.

Sushi Zanmai was our last pick. My pick actually. *behindstories*
I guess everyone must have heard of this Japanese Sushi restaurant that offers vast arrays of scrumptious sushi(s) and Japanese cuisine at a wallet-friendly prices. 
Hot Ocha for everyone.
 Inari Kanimayo Yaki.  The must eat sushi everytime we visit.
Soft Shell Crab Maki The cannot miss out sushi 
Mini California Maki
Chicken Gyoza
VoonW's Chawanmushi 

Save some space in our tummy for desserts! This round we opted for Hokkaido Ice Cream. 
The ice-cream looks pretty promising but actually not. Baskin Robbins is even cheaper and tastier. Some more the scoop is quite small compare to other ice-cream stalls 

I had Lavender and Macha. 

After you've seen all the food pictures, you must have missed our face. How can we not taking selfie when there is three girls hanging out together? 

well selca is never my forte, so let the girls handle it. I guess this is our best picture. 

Take 10000000 pictures but only upload one #girlsbeinggirls

I only had few pictures to choose because Hoyan freaking deleted most of the pics that she claimed to be too-ugly-to-be-seen. -____-

It was really nice to hang out with them. The atmosphere was smooth and there is not a sense of discomfiture. We had a great time chatting about each others' recent life and of course something's unavoidable : GOSSIP .

Overall I had a fruitful day with these girls and it's never a bad time to catch up with 'em