Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAMA's Day

Hello everyone! Hereby to greet all the great moms in the world a Happy Mother's Day!

my so called "big project" for the queen in the house

Apparently this is a special blog post dedicated to my not so typical affable mother. If you asked me to describe her, I would rather say she is FIERCE, STRICT, FEROCIOUS & SHORT FUSE. I know this all sounds so negative but I would say this is all for my own good. If she hadn't been so strict towards me, I guess I won't be who I am and what I stand now.

Despite all these years, being almost grown, I still try to hide or run whenever I hear full name yelled by my mum. It's really scary tho. Because of all her strong and hard personalities, Dad who always showers me with loads of love is my all time most favourite person on earth. But after he had left, I can see my mum slowly transforming into a better person.(she is a great mum but used to be easily angered)

As I mentioned above, her temper is really bad. There was once where my friend was in my room and she just kicked the door and fcking yelled at me. I was very angry about her because she never ever thought that her daughter still requires the reputation to survive among her peers. Honestly, I was terrified and pissed off  by her inconsiderate act. But now, we're both making an effort to foster a better relationship between us.

Blood is thicker than water, so they said. Because no matter what age am I, I still miss my mom, I still want her to take care of me. I've already lost one, and I know I had to appreciate her to the maximum. After all, family is our guardian angles, the one who will always stand by your side and pick you up when u hit bottom rock.

Being the financial support in the house, who has been working hard to fend for my fees and monthly expenditure, keeping the house spick and span, making me the best home cook dishes.. her countless sacrifice, as a daughter I have more than a life time to pay back, seriously.

As for what I can do now is to practice filial piety, be an obedient daughter, take care of myself well, create less trouble ,study hard and make her to be proud of me. I also felt a pang of guilt when I recalls back myself being such a sassy daughter to her. okay now I'm trying to be good(my best phrase to mom & Lcd haha)

I think I made the ugliest card on earth -.-'' 
pardon me for the not so artistic card mum, I know you love it hehe
Also got to buy the reload coupon for her mobile and a lunch treat :)

When I handed over the card, she asked me : Why you draw me with curly hair? lol 

Last but not least
I want to render an apology for all the mistakes I've done and thanks for bringing me to this world. 
Love you to the moon and back
Mama Lee

永远爱你 我的母亲大人

your daughter

*why Mothers' Day always falls on exam period"? if not I can spend more quality time with her