Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's night time now and I'm goin' to blog about my breakfast! Simply an arbitrary post to entertain you and your stomach(hehe). Speaking of breakfast, most of the time I prefer clean eats or something light. There are also times where I have big appetite, then I'll grab myself something heavy like Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai to fulfill my insatiable hunger. 

This is my kind of breakfast! Simple to make yet delicious. Not to mention that it can keeps you hale and hearty. If you wonder what it is, it's peanut butter spread on toast topped with sliced banana(oh I love bananas), dried raisins and sunflower seeds. For me they just make the perfect combination together. It just feels great to have this type of breakfast to kick start a beautiful day! 

What's your kind of breakfast? :)