Sunday, June 9, 2013


Graphic tee from oneteaspoon // denim shorts from aeropostale // White watch from Solvil et Titus // Elizabeth Arden shades // flats from charles & keith

Finally here's the arrival of my first outdoor photoshoot with my friends! It was a fun yet exciting experience indeed. Though I was so awkward during the shoot but the outcome wasn't too bad. A big thank you to my fellow buddy Priskyblue for the help to get these pictures. Can't wait for more collaboration in the future. 

Here's another combo of pictures taken at home with the help of self-timer. 

self obsession level : 96748549 

Anyway school reopens tmr and I'm experiencing the dreaded holiday-end blues which are not easily cured. How I wish for more holidays! My mid-term results is going to embitter my life, I bet. I have a strong premonition that it wouldn't meet my requirements but whatever it is, hopefully its not too bad to the extend I will turn out to be a one year old baby crying for mommy.

Hit the sack earlier and be ready for school!
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  1. the top is real cute! nice blog u have here =D

    Heaven Knows

  2. Thanks Chiew Nee. You have an awesome blog too! again thankyou for dropping by

  3. cute top!

  4. Cool shirt!



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