Saturday, June 8, 2013


Had a fruitful day well spent with my school buddies yesterday. It's been almost half a year since the four of us reunite. Glad that this catch up session didn't go bust. We first chilled out at this new discover coffee shop named Whisk Outpost in One Utama, Old Wing. I knew this shop from Maryanne, thanks for the recommendation. The cakes were oh-so-yummy whilst the tea was kinda disappointing! 

Enough of tea time and we decided to have a photoshoot around the mall. Here's some of the photos taken by me. I'll do another post regarding my outfit photos since there are quite a few of them! We're all quite awkward with our posture as it was our first time trying but I guess the outcome was pretty satisfying.
Don't you just love her purple top?! 
Priskyblue. My blogger friend.

I just look AWKWARD.
ChungJ x VoonW
sorry CJ if we took some of your time during the shoot. I sorta feel bad

After that, we went for steamboat! That's actually our main purpose of this outing. I normally don't eat steamboat outside since I always thought home made steamboat are way better! The ironic is that steamboat with friends is on one of my things-to-do-with-friends-list. So we just give it a go! Everything was good, I think. 


The trio trying to place the chopsticks on their upper lip!

Ice cream!!!!! my favourite dessert

Bid farewell to my ideal body cuz here's another pile of calories and fat contributed to my body! Should stop eating too much or else I'll never achieve my fitness target. It was nevertheless a day filled with fun and unrestrained laughter. Till we meet again.

Stay glued on my blog for my upcoming outfit post!


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