Thursday, July 25, 2013


I had a 'sleepover party' at Prisong's place last weekend after my birthday bash. Thou we may seems to be a very frequent visitor to each other's house, but it just somehow happened twice in this month. We spent three quarter of the night talking and laughing all the way. It was a trip down memory lane. All the memories we shared started resurfacing and my thoughts retread old path. Realizing how much things have changed. But what it still remains is my bunch of lovely friends whom I'm really grateful for. I hope this good connection amongst us can last as long as possible. I still want to attend my friend's wedding and ofc invite them to mine(if one day) so that I can receive that big fat angpau from them(esp Linghes's). Remember, my 20+20= 40k!

Back to this series of pictures taken the following day, the photoshoot was held on a whim hence our not so decent outfit. This time around we had another backdrop for the shoot which is around our friend's neighborhood. Despite I look nonchalant in the pictures(I'm unabashed to say), but in fact it was sweltering hot and sweat-inducing(which is my country's weather trademark). Even with the minimal clothing thrown on me, my perspiration level still requires a generous tissue donation. This definitely explains why I love to wear shorts all year round as its full time summer here in Malaysia. 

oh and maybe you can ignore my post meal belly bulge


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