Saturday, July 20, 2013


Here's the arrival of class picture we shot yesterday for the yearbook of 2013. The pictures turned out to be quite good! Have a quick look!!

I know these photos are going to meant a million to me, especially the days after I graduate as a high schooler! As I've always said, pictures are the best gadget to keep memories fresh. Can't believe that I've been studying in this school for FIVE years and I'll be leaving in another four months. It was just like yesterday I'd just stepping into this school. The moments are still captured vividly in my mind. but now time has brought us here!

Reminiscing those days where I first met my friends, making an effort to establish a good connection with them, getting closer, gradually showing the another side of inner self(can't be any more crazy than we look), hanging out together, made through our Form3 national exams, scout camps and etc. There are so much stories and happenings in this school to share about.. If I have to list them, it's gonna me kilometres long..

Last but not least, I realize that my high school life isn't that bad after all. At least, this bunch of bossom friends are gracefully bestowed upon me. Having a right company in the school is as important as choosing your husband/wife. hey but wait, I'm not that lucky because I'm one of the victims of school bullying T__T haha just saying** 

Alright, I'm going to doze off for a good sleep now. Heading out later with my girls for my birthday dinner.

Jo// x

My fav shot. not sure if this is going to be in our year book

Why am I looking at Yan & Voonwei. >_>

Yan got blocked but Pris is even worse, too short to be seen hehe
The cray cray classmates

pictures credit to Photography Crew of KD10

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