Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's a blessing in disguise in that I haven't been so blindly addicted to my computer as I usually do. But I also figure out it doesn't help to motivate me in other way either as I'm gradually morphing into an unproductive sloth. Besides, this week hasn't really did me justice. I'm sorta virtually experiencing the down part in my life which I get to know I'm not that optimistic after all. In this case I also want to thank my friends for their concern and being so supportive. It's not really that big issue but I'm totally on the dark side, sigh 

okay I have to digress with that topic(or else I'll be a crying baby). Just as the title said, DREAM BIG. One of my biggest dream is to conquer the world with my best girls leaving our footprints on our travel destinations. The countries written in the picture above is definitely on our travel list! These are the MUST-GO-PLACES in my entire life, especially NYC. by writing this I realized we missed out Yan's die-also-must-go-country, Norway! *finger-crossed* One day we'll let this happen //


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  1. Your blog is so lovely! Full of beautiful photos and inspiring texts:)

    xx Marianne


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