Friday, July 12, 2013

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Received a comment from an anonymous reader stating that he/she wished to take a closer view of my personal life here on my blog. It was quite shocking at first but in a way I realize that my blog hasn't turn out the way it used to be. The initial motive of creating this blog is to capture parts of the happenings and memories of  my life. And this is why I'm still running this blog!

 It is just the matter of different topics and sharing. I remembered how I used to type a few sentences and that makes a post, how I upload pictures without editing them, how I used to lodge a complaint like nobody's business without thinking the risk of revealing too much of personal stuff on net. I wish I could write more about my life but sometimes I think its a little bit creepy to expose too much without limits. And one of the problem is that my daily routine are repeating the same over and over again especially during schooling days. Like I've said, Life hasn't been all that wondrous and blood tingling. I don't have something special "about my life" to share about

That also explains why I've been sharing most of pictures I shoot recently! I'm unabashed to admit that I'm more into photography field now. Still a beginner and way too much to learn from. 

Of course I'm grateful for my reader's point of view which in a case I can know what people want to read on this blog! I'll make an effort to share more of my adventures such as the ups and downs I've been dealing with. No matter what, I'll try my best to keep this blog with me through thick and thin. & I think that is why Blogger is created because its definitely one of the best avenue to channel one's feelings, thoughts and ramblings. 

Perhaps this wordy post would suffice you, my anon reader! x


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  1. ah these photos are so so cute!


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