Monday, April 15, 2013


The dreary weather these past few weeks are driving me cracks.
HOT UNTIL.. I nearly died 
Not to mention my study room(which is where I'm currently in now) is nothing different like an oven. 
No joke I'm perspiring profusely that the sweat is streaming down my thighs. like I'm doing exercise or smtg -__-

I just have to say YOU WIN and I HANDS DOWN. 

I've been catching up with my fav bloggers'  blog recently which somewhat triggered my enthusiasm for blogging once again. 
hahaha I guess I'm the laziest blogger that I'm not even obliged to keep this space alive.
(sometimes I do still think that blogging is smtg requires the combo of  inspiration, motivation, and of course your blogging mojo)
so whatever you might be happy that I'm here to do some updates. 

The ironic is that I don't even know/have things to update.
Guess you wouldn't be interested with my daily life as it repeats the same everyday 

note : pictures taken with my phone camera hence the poor quality of the pics.

 1. OOTN yesterday. 
yes that's me trying to act demure WTF. I think the dress was a tad too long for me

By far this is the first book I finished within a few days. I'm AMAZED by myself too.
My friends don't like it very much cuz when I read, I sorta live in my own world and stop talking to people LOL ok I'll get this bad thing fixed

 3. Wonderful drawings.
These artworks are truly AMAZING. Don't get it wrong, my drawings are no where near to this. 
They're from my talented friend anyway

I'm unabashed to say that this is my work. Qualify to get a C or D perhaps. 
Thanks God I'm not in art stream or I'll ...

5. KIDS.
Yanyan came to my house after class last Saturday // sad to say that I'm finally back to tuition. 

Anyway, I'll be attending my school Annual Award Giving Day this coming Saturday. 
Guess I'll have to rush back to my class after the ceremony 

That's all for this, thanks for spending yr time here! 

*I'm sweating again, ewww

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