Monday, March 25, 2013


#1 Only child in the house

#2 I talk a lot.

#3 Purple and blue is my favourite colour. I generally like all the colours when they come in pale/lights one

#4 I have sensitive skin all over my body. I can't really try out all the skin care products and cosmetics

#5 I find it abhorrent when people ditched me or ignore my presence 

#6 Big fan of desserts especially ICE-CREAM

#7 I have quite a high tolerance and patience, that's why I don't get sulky easily?

#8 Travel around the world is one of the goal in my life

#9 I'm a sucker for cute/nice packagings and wrappers 

#10 An idiot when you ask me to differentiate the vegetables.
to me they all look the same hahaha

#11 I stand 1.61m tall SHORT

#12  always stick to my old choice. I don't really try something new
eg : when I visit Starbucks, I'll only pick Chocolate Cream Chip [most of the time]

#13 I have a penchant for killer heels. 
To me it's my source of confidence

#14 I'm fickle-minded

#15 I can never get satisfied with my height and weight

#16 Admire girls who are talented in any musical instruments

#17 I like swimming but I don't know how to swim

#18 Procrastination is my fortes 

#19 I'm anal about people who don't take punctuality serious

#20 My eating habits change from time to time. 
I used to be quite a choosy consumer.
I used to hate mushrooms, eggplants, bitter gourd, but now they're my darlings.

#21 I whined all day long if I don't get adequate sleep
this actually happens everyday in school. very tired lehhh is my classic dialogue

#22 I have an extremely BIG appetite that I can swallow two cows lol

#23  23 is my favourite number :)

#24 I find happiness easily.

#25 I slouch. its a very bad habit, I know

#26 I have thick eyebrows and very short chin 

#27 I'll choose cold & chilly weather over hot & humid weather

#28 Started to find my enthusiasm for reading.

#29 Facebooking, Instagraming, Tweeting, Blogging are my hobbies

#30 I hate people who cheats on me especially for my feelings.

that's so far I could think of.

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