Monday, March 18, 2013


I've just read my previous entry of this blog and I somehow realize I have the need to keep this space ongoing.

That explains why am I here to blog now!

Schooling week right after exam is so relaxing yet a little bit boring. 
AND WHAT IS BETTER? First term of school holidays is arriving SOON! This SATURDAYYYY

I actually ran out of idea of what to blog! 
so I'll be just posting my Instagram photos and some that I've randomly taken
 #1 my favourite cereal served with guavas and apples
I think I have to get back to clean eating again cuz pimples decided to attack my face again.

 #2 homemade tau fu fa. The best in town from ze mumsy. 
She'z been crazy abt this and soya milk recently coz she's been making lots of them.
yeah she just made them yesterday and I still have the soya milk in my fridge

#3 Random graduation photo of Andy and my father-like uncle. 
Somehow I find resemblance in them. I think my uncle looks quite handsome back then LOL

#4 Simple OOTD 
As usual, hang out with the girls after exam. 

#5 Opted for Sushi Zanmai as lunch. 
Dayum I miss the sushi very much and my kaki don

 #6 my baybeh aka Yanyan posting with her sushi yumzzz

 #7 We can never take a great photo together. 
This is me scolding her cuz I'm not ready 

#8 This is another candid shot with my bubu Prisong

 #9 Hui Lau San as dessert. 
The mouth-watering mango delicaciessss.

#10 Randomly posting with a book HAHA
Asian level : 45678

 #11 Current Addiction.
I really wish to travel around the world one day. maybe this sounds a bit impossible 
but I must at least a few wonderful places in the world

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  1. wtf your legs...your legs... i want T.T Love shot #10 (Y) <3


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