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Just finished my first quarter exam this morning, nothings ever feel greater than getting yourself  free from STRESS :D 
come to think of it, I'm not too stress for this test tho and I did quite bad, I mean real BAD :X

so well I know my friends are all so anticipated for this post! *jang jang jang*

I had the sudden urge to write about the most sensitive issue ever :


well I guess it's not that sensitive lah HAHA 

so what are friends to you on your perspective? 

To me ,
 friends are the siblings from different parents. 
They're such a precious and invaluable gift from GOD.

They are my pillar of strength when everything crash ;
and happy pills when nothing feels right.

Someone who guide you in the way of life,
lend you a hand when you're in a hot soup,
and share you the happiness when life's been great 

Throughout all these years, I've learned the importance of friendship.
Friends have been officially an integral part of my life. 

ok talk so much, here I introduce you my best girls (from the picture above)
L.O.L.Y (from left to right)

Voonwei : The most pattern queen among all the pattern kaki(s)
Prisong : Such a blur-ish girl that I wish to slap her twice in the face sometimes
Yanyan : my baybeh(baby) aka my gay partner who always sayang me the most

Here's come the main point of the whole thing. It's just a rewind post which I'll be sharing how I met my friends in my lower secondary and high school. Brace yourself cuz it's gonna be a SUPER LONG POST with some old grandmother stories. 

When I first came in to my current school, I was quite terrified for being in a Malay school. I was originated from a typical chinese school which well-explained I'm chinese educated. I'm scared that I can't make any friends and as I knew, there's no any other classmates from my primary school who study in this school. 

Thanks God I managed to know this girl, TIFFANY CHIN. She's my very first friend in this school.
We were so close back then and we sticked together every single day during recess, *we're not classmates*
After that, I get to know this MALAY GIRL, PRISCILLA ONG. hahahaha don't whack me
yeap I first thought she was a Malay, sorry pris due to her fluent speaking in Malay and her signature tan skin
She WAS a banana before cuz she speaks no mandarin 
but her mandarin speaking improve like the speed of lightning after meeting us. I remembered Jason who is the student next door taught her quite well *during moral period* and also of course US lah

And not to forget Lim Chang Di, who has been my classmate for all these five year together with Pris
okay very sorry if I offended but hell yeah I thought he WAS also a Malay
He was quite a nice guy and helped me in my studies. I remember he used to sing everyday when he enters the class. His first impression towards me was a quiet and demure girl but who knows actually turned out to be a very talkative, loud, extroverted person. scare him much tho, such a big transformation! I have to confess that before I enter this school I was totally another person 

Hakim was another good friend of us(lcd,pris and I) in the class back then. We mix together quite well. We even gave him a name in chinese called 哈金. lol 笑死我了Not to forget Zhorif, a super hilarious and mischievous guy in the class who always make fun of ME -__- He used to call me CHICKEN FEI (fat chicken). where the hell does this name comes from, doesnt make any sense. I was very thin in Form1 lor

Where goes VoonWei Yanyan Linghes Jason Sem ? 

About Voonwei, I think I've mentioned it a couple of times. I'm the one who first approach her. I still remember, it was on a Friday afternoon before school starts. We began our conversation and became friends. U KNOW Y I APPROACH HER ? cuz she's also alone there like me. so I thought hey we can be friends. Voonwei's a fine-looking girl, and demure type. BUT WHO KNOWS later on in Form2 she revealed her real personality which laugh us till our ass of. I used to tell her many secrets I got from others. She literally knows everything I know. so people out there you know that I've betrayed you. 

Yanyan Linghes Jason and Tiff were in 1Adil(the first class) best students lah 

To be frank, I was not so fond of Yanyan cuz I THOUGHT she's like those nerdy type who study from the morning till late night. somehow I can always sense there's FIRE between us back then. lol I was quite envious, ok to be corrected is jealous of her academic performance. I used to set her as my competitors but not now anymore, I gave up lol. I think I'm the one who made her angry the most but thanks God we're so close now. like husband and wife. 

So about Linghes, he really looked like a girl and so short, shorter than me in Form1, not kidding. Don't be mad ah. AND THE MOST FUNNY thing is that I THOUGHT HE WAS A GAY or something. Cuz that time Jason likes to wave his hand to Linghes during moral class and sometimes even wink his left/right eyes to Linghes. As a respond, Linghes smiled and waved back. omg this sounds so wrong. thus I thought somethings wrong going on with these two guys, but actually not,I think too much.
I used to eat in the class everyday during recess and got caught by him -.- He always tipu tipu me that he got my name and sent to Pn Waheedah Tang who is the disipline teacher

KarWei, my shopping kaki. We used to hang out very often in the holidays together with Pris. I remember Voonwei used to have tuition on Saturday and most of the time she can't make it. AND she always calls me to throw her rants about tuition and stuff

In 2010 when we're all only 14, *sounds so young

finally PRIS YANYAN LCD LINGHES TIFF JASON SEM AND I study in the same class (Adil)
The subang gang (yanyan tiff jason huamin xihim and I) also share the same transport service
We were always fooling around in the bus. 
We had good times together but some sh*t also happened.
Got phobia towards blogging but now I still blog for me, you, us 
There's a crack in our friendship but luckily we managed to bury the hatchet :) 
That's what make us today!

This is the year which I get even closer to Voonwei. She joined scouts and also the marching competition! That was also the year which SCOUTS GET CHAMPION for overall results. The first time ever I cried in happiness. Pris got closer to Voonwei and so shocked to know the cray cray voonwei. 

2011, form 3

ChungJi, Evonne and Yongshen join our family.
It was a very good year I have to say. 
Everything was quite smooth. 
We confronted our national exam, PMR together and passed with flying colours.
Hopefully this year will be fine too *finger-crossed*

Went to look for part time job with Voonwei and ChungJie. 
Cannot persist throughout the hard time and finally gave up lol, only 3-4 days I think MEHHH
but after that I got to work as an assistant tutor in the rest holidays

I also remember how we used to call among each other for exams, wishing each other the best of luck and stuff.
 It still does happens but rarely. I think we should practice this more leh. 


this is the year which I earned FRIENDSHIP the most.
I'm glad to have this bunch of bossom friends with me to face one of the biggest challenge in my life
Truly appreciate for their support. 

Voonwei became one of the Adilians. 
Being classmates with her is so FUN during the studies. The two of us talked so much and always get scolded by the teachers :p 
Everyday in school was filled with laughter, I kinda miss Form4 now

Yee got closer with Voonwei and was so shocked to know this siao zha bo(crazy woman).
They took the same bus to school now and got much more intimate.
Voonwei literally became Yee's manager. 

Had my very first vacation with #96line. 
It was definitely a memorable trip with the clique. Hoping for more in the future


LOLY still being classmates
Poor Peiern got bullied by everyone else even Linghes and LCD.
Someone please show your compassion lah

Peiern getting better in her saliva defence HAHAHA
I know this sounds gross but it was FUN

17 years old and the six of us still playing
CHING KU PANG & the killer and police game

That's what I can recall back for now. I believed there's more but its hard to type every single detail out. 
Just to in case I get older and forget things easily, perhaps this entry would helps!

It's already my final year in high school.
Few more months and I'll be leaving this school
I just have this love-hate relationship with schooling 

 I like to go school because I like to spend time with friends, 
I hate to go school because of the homeworks and stuffs ahem 

so I just dont know whether I like or no like 

In these few months left, I hope we can create better memories together. 

anyway, thanks for reading! *such an abrupt ending

longesttttttttttt blog post ever and it ends here

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  1. and by far one of the most meaningful ones. up until now i'm still dumbfounded by voon wei's act. Should say life started to get crazy when Voon Wei sang "AIIIIIIII QINGGGGG bu gua shi yi zhong" haha good times. changed life forever max.


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