Thursday, May 15, 2014

first in 2014

Holla guys! I'm finally back for good after missing in action for FIVE MONTHS! Note that - 5 months, my longest record ever. & now I don't even know how I shd begin with. 

  A lot of things happened in these 5 months and I would say that it was one of the best time in my life. Glad that I've met so many amazing and lovely people along the way. I'd never regretted joining and took the pleasure to be a part of Rekindle since last December. I've gained more than I thought I could through this working experience and it definitely changed a lot of stuff from different of aspects. Not to forget this is the place where our friendships grew and bond tightened. I swear my colleagues/friends/bros&sis are cooler than yours :p 

On certain Saturday nights, I'd spent some quality time with my girls just to catch up with each others' recent life despite the fact that most of my time was given to work. I have always loved and still enjoy road trip with my girls esp at night. Missing those days of our impromptu outings and food hunting in town. And its sad to say that we're now all apart(except V and I, we still see each other errday) but we'll catch up soon I SWEAR.

Y and I even had 4D3N trip to Singapore. If you're curious to know, it was just only the TWO of us. Its seriously fun to explore a whole new place to yourselves (though it wasn't my first visit but the last visit was approx 5 yrs ago)  How I wish we can do this more often in the future but first #letmeearnmorepennies

Time flies and I got back to studies last month after a long hiatus! It was great to be back to school and college life is so much more different and exciting than high school. well not that exciting I supposed. I'm currently doing Cambridge A levels which I guess its more "tough" compared to the other courses. But the right gang of friends def makes your study life a lot better. So far everythings still in control. 

Finally a night like this which I can sit back and blog about my recent on-goings / throwbacks. Hopefully I'll keep this space alive *peace out*

I wish that moment of wonderful time to be on hold | definitely a day to remember 

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