Saturday, December 7, 2013


1. Hello December // 2. Fettuccine served w mushrooms // 3. Nama chocolate cake // 4. Daisy // 5. Sandwiches 

photos by me

It feels weird to be a graduated highschooler --- not exactly weird but a mixture of glum and glee. No matter how much I used to rant about school, I still miss this familiar place that I've known so well, like the back of my hand. What makes me feel sad the most is not being able to meet my friends everyday anymore! Those days where we were gossiping tgt, talking about our future, resting our eyes during lessons(basically voon, pris and I), having breakfast in canteen, ICE-CREAM and more. Speaking of these, the wave of nostalgia just hit me real hard. It sounds like for a period of time already, but to be precise its only a week or so. At least my girls and I are still in touch everyday on WA. On a brighter note, I'm officially free from being thrown into the warzone of my studyroom. 

Just a day after our Biology paper, we went for a movie date! It's not exactly my last day of exam since I still have Chinese going on but it was nevertheless a day filled w endless joy and fun. It's been quite a while since we went out. I simply love outings like this. Eat > Movie > Eat. Can you imagine that five of us, young teens for only 17 forgot where we parked our car? LOL. We took quite some time to search for our spot and luckily we found it. Lesson learnt : Rmb where you park your car or you might just take a picture of it incase incident like this happen again.

I finally had my last paper Chinese on the 3rd. Its such a shame that I can speak Mandarin so fluently but when it comes to writings, I sucks big time. I'm never good in essays even since primary school. I had a hard time squeezing my brain to think of the particular Chinese characters during the process of getting my essay done. I ended up w a very simple essay w/o much bombastic words to support it. Whatever it is, things had already happened and I just pray for the best. 

Life after spm is so far so good. Trying my best to keep my days productive before I start working. Voon has already started her job whereas Yee and Pris are going for their driving lessons. Hopefully we get to meet up before Pris goes to Japan.

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