Saturday, September 21, 2013


I felt a wave of nostalgia looking upon these little wonderful things! Memories for the past few years flashed through my mind.. Thanks God I have this diary with me which I jotted down the essence and the smallest details of my high school life. It's so sweet at the same time a little funny to read my self-written diary. I don't remember exactly how did I manage to write some of the nonsense(no I don't call them nonsense, I treasure em' now) everyday.. But I sorta regret now because I stopped writing when I turn 16 (result of hectic school life) 

Guess I'll continue to write for the remaining days of my high school life because high school memories are way too precious. Another two months till I bid farewell to things that are related to high school. I will definitely miss every single thing though I always whine about school and how much I wanted to graduate asap.. But now things are on the contrary.. what we call the irony of life. 

It's such a shame that we are not going to attend the graduation day but I think that's forgivable since we're going to throw a graduation party(hopefully we can make it). Or even the worst case must have a small party for LOLY. LOLY definitely play a big role in my high school life and now being the integral part of my life, how can I graduate without them? not forgetting Lcd and Linghes. 

I've been constantly reminding myself to appreciate the remaining days because after this I can't see them everyday like now, we can't gossip together, share stupid lame jokes during teachers' lessons, no more abs-strengthening hysterical laughter in class, no more chasing after teachers for exam results without fail every time, no more ice cream together during school recess, and the most important one, cannot see VoonW who is always the clown to entertain us, lolllll. Our moments together..  

I'm trying my best to sound not too cheesy but these are my true feelings..  
okay let's just skip this and leave alone some for my upcoming graduation post if I manage to spare my time. 

Here I have part of the birthday cards I've been collecting since 2010

Hi my best best best x infinity best friend, thank you for giving me the pleasure to become the first one to receive yr very own diy card
my best present for my sweet sixteenth from my best friend that comes along with the best surprise so far which is actually my first birthday surprise in my whole 17 years of living
The girl who put in effort and tried her best to write the Chinese characters though she haven't write such a long passage all in mandarin before. Really 诚意满满 
Birthday card with the most sincere wishes and blessings. Always love reading the content
First time receiving a DIY birthday card from a guy! 有点意思 哈哈
Loly first neoprint together on Yan's 16th birthday bash
Ah Loh 送的 小学 毕业卡。好有 纪念 价值 T.T 
Carmen's 12th birthday back in 2008. omgggg 5 years back then. how time flies

Now I have this indescribable feeling.. I simply can't put them into apt words 

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