Friday, August 30, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates! It's the result of preparation for exams and overuse of the brain, on top of not having enough hours in a day. Everyone is preparing for the storm ahead, I assume? well, luck is not with me. I just got sick few days ago and I'm now on my way of recovering. I was in a solitary confinement in my room for the past few days just to focus on my studies but I got distracted from time to time. This is always my first world problem when it comes to studying. -__- I need to discipline myself! 

I just received a question on ytd regarding my ways to deal with stress. As for me I think exercising and having a decent amount of sleep really help to combat stress. I also deal it by realizing that everyone else was in the same position working for the best, and in the end, your absolute best is always good enough, no one could ask for more. But sometimes I still do get upset when my hard work wasn't paid off, how frustrating? 

Just yesterday I sat for my first paper, Chinese. More to come in the following weeks. Just two weeks, I shall survive. And I swear there are too many papers, I promise to plant more trees after exam. 

oh and my country, Happy Merdeka Day in advance!

TGIF, I shall resume my self-induced textbook coma tmr. 


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