Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resolutions : 2013

Since everyone is doing their own resolutions for 2013,
I might as well do one for myself.

1. Let's get healthy.

The most important things in this world aren't things but the most precious, invaluable HEALTH. 
I wish for 2013, my family and friends are in good health throughout the year, not to forget myself.


So its my final year in high school. I kinda take it serious cuz it will be the last chance to fool around with
the crazy bunch. Best and worst topic could be the national exam, SPM.
My target is to get straight A's. Trying to work hard but hell I'm still slacking -__-

3. Get my driving permit!

This is a must! Remember the other I was throwing rants to my friends that I hate to depend on people.
Don't you think it's better to drive yourself anywhere you're heading? 
Then it wouldn't be a problem if you're worrying about your transport problem.
anyway, I'm sitting for my Undang this Sunday. 

4. Save more money $$$$

No money = No Life
You can see how important is the value of money in the society these days.
Everything is about MONEY. 
I gotta save more to pamper myself. 

5.  Be pretty.

Maybe the word 'pretty' is inappropriate. I just want to enhance my look in 2013. 
Desire to get my body toned but laziness kills off everything. 
I wish I can reach my ideal weight by the end of this year .
and also my tanned skin please go away. 

6.  Personality

Handle things carefully and wisely. Solve my own problems. 
Get rid ot troubles. then mumsy can worry less.
Be nice to people. Always think twice before I utter a word.

7. Vacation with friends.

I think this vacation would be more to a graduation trip. hopefully we can make one. 
and all the 96line-Rs are able to join this trip. I swear it would be FUN x 999999.

8. More to come ....

That's pretty much I could think of.
too lazy to use my brain these days.

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