Friday, December 28, 2012


Santa Claus is coming to townnn... 

okay I know Christmas has already passed and people are looking forward towards New Year but I still want to write smtg about my christmas. I know I'm such a lazy bum but please give me a chance, lol. I'm always trying to be as efficient as possible.

2013 is coming real soon! Today is already the last friday of  2012. How time flies? 

Apparently I'm going to blog about my christmas for this year. Nothing special anyway! I don't really celebrate christmas but I just love festive seasons. don't you? *secretly waiting for the arrival of CNY 2013*

Let's see what I've done! 

baking flour?


 Dough in brown?

 Tadaaa we're actually baking some gingerbread cookies! 

 For a moment the kitchen turns into a painting room?

 My gingerbread ah boy! HAHAHAHA 
first time playing around with the icing. 

yums yums! 
It taste much better than what I've expected. Do you want some? :p

We're just baking them for fun and people started to ask us if we're too boring. lol, maybe yes! I thought we have trouble finishing up the cookies but its good to see that we managed to distribute them all. *successful kid.jpg*

Other than that, I had my Christmas Eve Outing with my clique at One Utama on the 24th. We caught a movie entitle CZ12 in the late afternoon. Such an awesome movie! You guys should watch it too. A film by Jackie Chan. 

 X'mas dinner at Dave's.

Always wanted to have a proper dinner with my girls and yeah finally we made it. It's my second time there. The food was really good. anyway, they served porkies which is non-halal.

 Sky juice with lemon slice

Salivating yet?

This is mouth-watering! 
I always like this kind of pastas but its a different case for my princess Voonwei.
She prefers the carbonara one.

We love pizzas.

Pardon me, I'm so bad at describing things especially when it comes to FOOD. I'm kinda poor in adjectives. so when it is good, I'll just comment GOOD whereas if its bad, I'll just say BAD. HAHAHAHAHA, I'm never a food blogger. fail to be

Girl in RED 

We're supposed to dress up something related to X'mas but sadly my wardrobe is such a limited edition which I don't have anything in RED or GREEN -__-

Anyway, yay for us because we managed to wolf down all the gastronomic delights! ChungJie even praised voonwei for being able to finish everything and commented : I think this is the first time I see your plate so clean! lol.. 

That's how we called it a night! I wish we can have a better xmas eve night next year. That's all for this year Christmas. Pretty simple but I enjoyed myself. Most probably because I got my x'mas presents. 


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